BSI (British Standard Institution) visitors inspected GPIS on Thursday, May 16, 2013

The visit was very fruitful, informative and is always a chance fro GPIS to review all the schools processes and systems in place.

Here is the Managment Summary:

Overall Conclusion

"The objectives of this assessment have been achieved.

I would like to thank all the audit participants for their assistance and co-operation which enabled the audit to run smoothly.

Based on the objective evidence detailed within this report, the areas assessed during the course of the visit were found to be effective.

There were no outstanding nonconformities to review from previous assessments.

No new nonconformities were identified during the assessment. Enhanced detail relating to the overall assessment findings is contained within subsequent sections of the report."

Retrieved from the BSI Assessment Report, report author Dr Mohamed Hassanin, 16/06/2013