13 septembre 2011

First day of school at Sheikh Zayed - Rentrée des classes à Sheikh Zayed

  Today was the first day at Sheikh Zayed Nursery. Everything went fine, it was new for everyone  at GPIS !!!. The day was quiet and lovely, just a little hot !!!. Students  went from tears  in the morning to big smiles and everyone left the place hoping for a  new morning at the school. The students met with their new teachers, Mrs Fadila, Mrs Fatima, Mrs Radwa and Miss Noreen as well as Miss Alia Music Teacher, Mrs Jane and Miss Marwa, Mrs Sanaa and the famous "Loza"…. and…. and ….captain Walid... [Lire la suite]
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22 juillet 2011


GPIS SHEIKH ZAYED IS NOW OPENED! Click on the link below to see the clip of the opening: Opening Sheikh Zayed 17 juin 2011
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