09 novembre 2011

International day of washing hands October 2011

International day of washing hands October 2011 The PYP students celebrated the International day of washing hands last October 2011. They attended a lecture given by Dr Nejla, the GPIS school pediatrician; the students understood why washing their hands is so important in their daily life. Dr Nejla explained the children how they should wash their hands. The GPIS students decided to collect soaps to give a present to the students of the school nearby in the village. Mrs Nermine El Nomany, Dr Nejla and Mr Awadi went with the... [Lire la suite]
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09 novembre 2011

International day of peace: 21 septembre 2011

International day of peace, 21 September 2011 Journée Internationale de la paix, le 21 septembre 2011
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09 avril 2010

PYP students celebrate spring.

21 March 2010, All PYP students, in collaboration with each other, realised a big chart (more than 10 meters long) and draw a tableau for spring . 21 mars 2010,  Tous les élèves du PP, en collaboration les uns avec les autres, ont réalisé un grand tableau de plus de 10 mètres de long et ont dessiné le printemps. Voyez en images This project was organised by Mrs Alia Y., visual arts teacher.
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04 avril 2010

PYP students reflect on the international day against racism

21 March 2010, International day against racism. All PYP and PP students participated in assemblies to discuss and reflect about discriminations and racism. Le 21 mars 2010, journée internationale contre le racisme. Les élèves du PP et du PYP ont participé à des assemblées pour réfléchir sur le thème du racisme et de la discrimination. The students had to observe what are the different types of discriminations, to discuss about what is racism?; how and when do we discriminate people ? Ils ont observé quels... [Lire la suite]
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