In this category, you will be able to see the PYP2 students (4-5) in "action" in their everyday life at the nursery with their friends and teachers. Do not forget to add a little comment.
08 mars 2011

Maths activities in PYP2 Green

MATHS IN PYP2 Green Learners in PYP2  develop an understanding of how measurement involves the comparison of objects and the ordering and sequencing of events. The students are able to identify, compare and describe attributes of real objects as well as describe and sequence familiar events in their daily routine. Here is an activity done in Mrs Dina's class in Maths.  Find more at:
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29 décembre 2009


The PYP2 students are inquirers; they use the computer to inquire about language. Les élèves de PYP2 sont des investigateurs; ils utilisent l'ordinateur pour faire des recherches sur la langue.. PYP2 students are thinkers, they elaborate strategies in maths. Les élèves de PYP2 sont des penseurs, ils élaborent des stratégies en mathématiques..   PYP2 students are knowledgeable and reflective. Les élèves de PYP2 sont informés et instruits et réfléchissent. PYP2 students are knowledgeable.  Les élèves de PYP2... [Lire la suite]
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25 novembre 2009

16-11-09 PYP2 students during a religion lesson.

PYP2 students (4-5) listen to religious stories, they also memorise the Koran and participate in activities with Mrs Wafaa.  
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