"People with Disabilities" MYP-PPCS3 C & S Project

MYP-PPCS3 students are participating in a C & S project under the title of "People with Disabilities".
The students studied different types of disabilities & investigated different cases of blindness in Egypt and worldwide.
In the frame of the project, GPIS students visited a school for people suffering from blindness to investigate the needs of its students and get more familiar with their characteristics.
During a period of 3 weeks, GPIS students participating in the project started a fundraising campaign in order to buy equipments needed to facilitate the learning of the students suffering from blindness.
Aiming to socialize with blind students from their same age and to entertain them, MYP-PPCS3 students organized a fun day.The visitors participated in various activities throughout the day and expressed their gratitude to the love and care they received in GPIS.
Moreover, MYP-PPCS3 were invited to a fun day at the school for students suffering from blindness. GPIS students watched a drama play in whi

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