30 octobre 2010

DP 1 and 2 FIRST CAS CAMP 28-29 October 2010

The Diploma Students-Sessions May 2011 and May 2012 had their 1st.CAS camp.    It was dedicated to Al Kawthar Nursery in Helwan. Time was allocated first for the preparation of art materials needed for Al Kawthar Nursery.  DP1 and 2 Students visited, prepared their work and painted Al Kawthar nursery (classrooms and playground). At night, they all enjoyed the barbecue... All the photos are available in the album
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25 octobre 2010


CONSTRUCTION OF NEW SHEIKH ZAYED NURSERY STARTED..... October 2010 We will keep you updated regularly.
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07 octobre 2010

DP1 TOK October 2010

DP1 students are looking for topics to debate in TOK DP1.
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07 octobre 2010

IB regional conference 26-29 September 2010

  IB REGIONAL CONFERENCE 26-29 SEPTEMBER 2010 Imagine....Education for a better world. Mr Amr Mokhtar, chairman and general director, Mrs May Waly, head of middle school and MYP coordinator, Mrs Françoise Mokhtar, head of primary and PYP coordinator, Mr Hamed Mokhtar, deputy DP coordinator attended the IB Africa, Europe, Middle East regional conference Liverpool, 26-29 September 2010.  Mr Hamed Mokhtar presented a session about intercultural understanding during the conference. Session: Preparing IB students to... [Lire la suite]
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