28 mars 2011


Primary Years Programme - Curriculum frameworkThe PYP exhibitionStudents aged 10 to 12 who are in their final year of the programme are expected to carry out an extended, collaborative inquiry project, know as the exhibition, under the guidance of their teachers.The exhibition represents a significant event in the life of both the school and student, synthesizing the essential elements of the programme and sharing them with the whole school community. It is an opportunity for students to exhibit the attributes of the student profile... [Lire la suite]
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14 juillet 2010

L'exposition du PP/the PYP exhibition

L'exposition a eu lieu le 22 juin 2010 dernier à l'école du Pré Vert - Green Land. Un grand succès et une audience de parents et d'enseignants très enthousiastes ont applaudi le travail et les recherches des élèves. The exhibition was held last June, 22nd at Green Land Pré Vert International school. Parents and teachers were very enthusiastic with the work and inquiries displayed by PYP8/PP8 students. It was a great event. [all photos are displayed soon in the PYP/PP exhibition album.]
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16 mai 2010


May 2010 Mind Lab Final Competition in PYP8
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